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Tile & Grout Cleaning St Louis
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Grout and many types of tile are porous.  Millions of little holes, divots, and other surface features, which trap dirt and debris, causing your beautiful tile work to become dark and dull over time.  Clean it with Pressurized Hot Water Extraction.  Pressure puts force of dirt particles breaking them free of surfaces.  Pressure also causes turbulence or agitation that gets into crevices to flush out tough dirt. 

Heat is excellent at freeing dirt by melting grease and oils that can bind dirt to a surface. Water is excellent at dissolving many types of grime freeing it for immediate removal.  To be more effective, the water is mixed with a cleaning detergent to dissolve grease and oil and bind to dirt. Extraction finishes the job by quickly removing dirty water before the dirt can settle. Together, water, heat, detergent, pressure, and extraction makes for quick and thorough cleaning.

Once the grout is professional cleaned, we will seal by applying a heavy-duty grout sealer.

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